Sackets Harbor Ice Cream!

The Scee and Cook families welcome you to Saturdays, Sundaes & More! We are looking forward to another fantastic year with the best ice cream in the village of beautiful Sackets Harbor, NY! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!

About Us

Saturdays, Sundaes & More had their grand opening in the summer of 2008! Wow, how time flies!

But do you know the story?

The Scee family spent many-a-summer frequenting their local ice cream stand - it just happened to be around the corner from their home!  When they were old enough to work, both Erin and Jaime began perfecting their scooping technique by getting jobs there!  The two of them have so many precious memories of those days.  Erin loved it so much that she would always ask the owners to sell her the store when she graduated college...and to this day, she still jokes with the owners about how she finally got her ice cream stand!

Erin graduated college and became a physical therapist. She also married a physical therapist and had a beautiful baby girl...but little did she know...

One day, she and her father, Tim, were taking a stroll through Sackets when they spotted the beautiful "For Sale" sign that they will never forget! A few months later...Saturdays, Sundaes & More was born!

For 7 magical seasons, the Cook and Scee families have strived to bring you the best experience you could ever have with ice cream! They offer a plethora of varieties - from apricot cones, to banana pudding shakes and even worms-in-dirt sundaes!  Their priority is customer service and have created a reputation that money can't buy.

Saturdays, Sundaes & More offers a family atmosphere where everyone is welcome to relax on the lawn, let the kids play tag, or even witness a few cartwheels and forward rolls! It is just a block away from the lake and people even cross the border just for a taste of this locally famous ice cream stand!

So, come see what all of the fuss is about! Grab a smooth custard cone or enjoy a scoop of that delicious Perry's goodness! Whatever you do, you must stop in to say "hello"...and an owner is almost always there!  God bless and happy ice cream season!